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Crack Filling

Quality Asphalt Co Saginaw MI - Crack Filling

Cracks can allow water to creep underneath the asphalt pavement, causing the base layer to become unstable during the freeze/thaw cycle. An unstable base can lead to more cracking and eventual pavement failure.  Additionally, potholes can develop from cracks that form intersections.  It is important to address these issues before they become a major problem.  Crack filling can be a very economical way of extending the usability of the surface.

What is crack filling?
Crack filling is the process of injecting a hot-pour rubberized sealant into isolated cracks in the asphalt pavement to prevent water from penetrating the sub-­grade and stone base.

Why crack fill?
Dollar-for-dollar crack filling is the most cost-effective maintenance for your driveway, parking lot, or pavement.