Asphalt Repair Services Saginaw MI

Paving asphalt repair is a vital necessity to maintain the appearance and function of asphalt driveways & parking lots. Asphalt damage first appears as a graying in color and light raveling. At this point, fine hairline cracks are usually undetectable but are prevalent in the pavement. As the raveling continues, the asphalt continues to weaken and the fine hairline cracks spread and deepen. At this point, the asphalt is no longer impervious to water. As water enters the cracks, it will begin to erode the sub-base thereby weakening the foundation of the asphalt. The asphalt pavement structure is only as strong as the base it sits on and is now susceptible to the weight of vehicles depressing the weaker areas. The cracking will gradually intensify and begin a process known as alligator cracking.

Alligator cracking gets its name because the cracks resemble the hide of an alligator’s back. If no repair is done, the cracks will continue to worsen as more water enters and vehicles continue to compress the sub-base. Soon you will see signs of imminent failure as mud pumps up through these cracks. This is the last stage of failure as the asphalt breaks into small pieces and starts to pop out and form potholes or larger ruts.

Quality Asphalt Co. has been trusted for the asphalt repair for over 35 years. We offer several different repair solutions – depending on the size of the cracks and/or damage to the asphalt surface. If the damage is too extensive it may be time to consider the tear-out and replacement of the asphalt. In either case, Quality Asphalt will consult with you on the best solution to your problem.